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♥ Postage & Packaging ♥

The postage costs from the UK have gone up recently so I have had to alter all of the prices. Here is a brief explanation of how this is going to work.


I don't mind sending flat items in a padded envelope with extra bubble wrap around the item, this will cost £1.50, however if multiple items are ordered I recommend that they be sent in a small box (as the Royal Mail don't know how to handle items with care). This will cost £2.20 second class and you can have as many bits and bobs in there and will not be charged more than that. If you have ordered lots of items and your postage comes to over £2.20, I WILL REFUND THE DIFFERENCE.

Shipping to anywhere else will cost a flat rate of £3.30. If the package is over 100g then the shipping will go up. Again, if you are charged more than £3.30 at the cart and the weight is less than 100g, I WILL REFUND THE DIFFERENCE.

I will not accept any responsibility for loss of items in the post. I have a proof of posting for every single item that I send and I keep them for one month, if you mention the loss of an item in the post after the month I will not be interested because you have left it far too long. If your item doesn't arrive within a few weeks please contact me straight away and i will email you a scan of the proof of posting your item. If I don't have a valid proof of posting then I will either refund or replace the item (depending). Hopefully we not be having any problems with this as I trust the Royal Mail to carefully deliver my jewellery. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

This one is always a tricky one but obviously if you receive broken items in the post we will come to a compromise. If the item is a one off product I will happy refund half of the payment. If I have identical pieces I will send you a new item to replace your broken one. If the item is a custom made piece I recommend that you send me the damaged one and I will see if I can repair it for you.
I will require photographic proof of the damaged item before any action is taken.